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Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Transgender, Sho ...

Take a look at these individuals who explain themselves as being trapped in the wrong body.  Transfender surgry is becoming more and more common and these folks all seem to be extatic with the outcome. Number 14 is pretty CRAZY!     1.  Aydian Dowling This guy just made the Gay Times magazine. Aydian has […]


PDA! Couples Who Don’t Care Who Sees

Like to watch? These couples got so carried away that they seem to have forgotten there were people around…   Our first is a celebrity PDA, Paris Hilton with Doug Reinhardt. Wow the Hotel Heiress isn’t playing hard to get.     Facebook TWITTER Google Plus Pinterest

***MANDATORY BYLINE TO READ ONLY*** EXCLUSIVE: ***PREMIUM RATES APPLY. STRICT WEB EMBARGO OF 1pm EST, AUGUST 11, 2015. EXCLUSIVE TO INF***  August 09, 2015: It was just a day at the beach for Carl's Jr. blonde bomb shell Charlotte McKinney and actor Stephen Dorff in Malibu, CA. Charlotte frolicked by the water with a mimosa in hand wearing a tiny bikini top and daisy dukes.  After a few drinks in the hot sand, the beach hottie stripped off her daisy dukes teasing the actor as she went for a swim.  McKinney makes sure her black thong and tiny top would not malfunction in the ocean showing off a bit of her assets. Mandatory Credit: Lazic/Borisio/ Ref: infusla-257/277  Pictured: Charlotte McKinney Ref: SPL1098545  100815   EXCLUSIVE Picture by:

Ultimate Bikini DEATH MATCH – Hot vs Not

Summer is the perfect time to show of that rocking body!  Well, maybe not.  Check out our HOT vs NOT galleries and don’t forget to watch the “Ultimate Bikini DEATH MATCH fight video” on the last page.   Rolling in the waves, surfing, laying out or even just strolling the sandy shore…There can be some […]

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Being involved in any type of Motorsports racing is dangerous as all hell but not just for the driver, the spectators and the photographers seem to take their lives in their hands too.  The need for speed cannot allow for any mistakes and one wrong turn or taking your eye off the road for a second […]

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Abandoned Unexplained Hole Deep in the Woods ̵ ...

….. A Creepy Discovery That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold!   In Northern Germany, where the Nazi Army had their most secret facilities, two men decided to return to the woods where they once played as children.  This is where they make the shocking discovery of two very odd pipes sticking out of the […]

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25 of the Hottest Women Behind the Men of NASCAR

When it comes to NASCAR it is no surprise that these left hand turning bad boys pull some of the hottest ladies on the planet.  Fast cars, fast livin and fast women!  If you don’t believe us, just check out these 25 beautiful wives and girlfriends of the drivers of NASCAR!   Ingrid Vandebosch Married […]

sinking ship

Go Pro Show us Whats it’s Like be on a Sinki ...

If you’re like me and fear drowning above all then this video might just give you anxiety. A Mexican war ship is ready to be decommission gets set with explosives and of course Go Pro cameras, we get to see first hand on what it’s like to be on a ship that is sinking. Pretty […]

camaro up in flames

69 Camaro Goes Up in Flames Right Before Car Show

When you own a classic car your favorite thing is showing it off at car shows. Not just because you might win or lose but more sharing your passion with people who share the same feelings. So when your stuck in traffic and you stat to notice your trailer go up in flames my number […]

horse tramps car

Ever Heard of a Car Being Trampled by a HorseR ...

I don’t think that the excuse has ever come up where you couldn’t go into work because my car got trampled by a horse. And if they used that line they most likely were fired. A pack of wild horses found there way on the highway and surprised one luck driver with a present of […]

tesla vs plane

Tesla vs Passenger Plane… And The Winner is?

If you have heard of Tesla before then you know that for an all electric car it’s packs some serious punch. How they do it we don’t really know but never the less they are some pretty cool cars. So why not put it to the test and race it against a fully fueled passenger […]

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