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bat race

Which Batmobile is the fastest?

The iconic Bat Man movies have been around for decades and aren’t going anywhere soon. With one of the biggest fan base in the world these movies and everything Bat Man pull in some extreme cash. So a video like this was bound to happen sooner or later. Head to head two of the most […]


Robbing a Taxi With a Cop Right Behind You Never E ...

If you’re going to rob something or someone, the best thing to do is plan a head we’re guessing… Because what good ever comes from just jumping into something? Well this guy needed this advice in his life. As he starts to rob a taxi driver of what looks like 20 dollars we see instant […]

like a boss

The Ultimate Boss Collection… (Must Watch)

We are sure by now you have seen people do some awesome things in your life. Some of which you can’t explain and others that leave your jaw on the floor. Well this video does both and more. A collections of the world best BOSS moments has your interest for the full 19 minutes. Be […]

road rage

Cop Catches Epic Road Rage Between BMW and Hyundai ...

It’s not uncommon to see road rage happen on the streets of California, but it is uncommon for a cop catch it on camera. We don’t know what happened between these two but whatever it was caused quite the rage. After trying to pull over one of the Hyundai the driver proceeded have the last […]

splitting lanes

And This is Why Splitting Lanes is Never a Good Id ...

While driving you always have to keep an extra eye out for bikers because we all know they love to split lanes. In some states they have made it illegal for bikers to due for risk to their lives. This lovely video explains exactly why this is a good law. While trying to split lanes […]

doonies 1

Taking it Back to the Dunes With Doonies #1

We have said this time and time again that Monster Energy creates some of the sickest videos on the internet. For the most part their videos have epic jumps and stunts you don’t see everyday. then there are the girls… You can’t forget about the Monster models. Get a girl in a bikini and on […]

mustang owner

Back at it Again… Stupid S*** Mustang Owners ...

When you have a fast car you tend to become a know it all out of thin air. Like many truck guys all of a sudden know everything there is to know about their truck, this Mustang owner shows us the stereotypical car owner. Now before you guys go getting mad we understand that no […]

snow biking

Snow Biking in Back Country Idaho With Ronnie Renn ...

Take a perfectly good dirty bike and replace the tires with a ski shoe and snow tracks and you get the perfect snow toy. Ronnie Renner is a professional dirt biker for Red Bull and now has turned to snow biking. If you have ever been on a dirt bike then this is something you […]

double parked

Jeep Gets Revenge on BMW That Double Parks…

For some reason when people get “nice” cars they think it okay to double park and become total a-holes. Well if you are a good citizen you will remind these people that they are just like any other human on the planet. So the best way possible is to make sure that they can’t can’t […]

break check

Getting Break Checked Never Looked so Good…

We get that during times of traffic things can get a little heated between you and the person in front of you. Now when there’s no traffic there really isn’t any excuse to why you to be an a hole and tail gate like this dummy. When in doubt break check… wait that doesn’t work. […]

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