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A Truck That Uproots Trees Like a Boss

When it come to manual labor, uprooting a tree is on the top for most hefty back breaking labor. That why when a machine like this comes around you bet you’re investing your money! Understandably you wouldn’t buy one of these things if you didn’t uproot trees for a living, but you have to admit […]


Talking Yourself Into a DUI is Never a Good Idea&# ...

Drinking and driving is never a good idea, but if you do an get pulled over be sure to never rat on yourself. This knuckle head decides to pick a fight with the wrong cop. After getting pulled over for swerving the cop decides to let this guy go. Until he makes a fool out […]

up skirt

Bet She Wishes She Wore Pants After This GTR Takes ...

The power of the GTR is second to none. So when you watch one zip down the drag strip your adrenaline starts to pump. Lucky for us this hottie forgot to wear pants the day of her boyfriends race. As the GTR takes off the exhaust causes a nice little up draft and we get […]

u joint

And This is How You Break your U-joint…

We are all for trying new and fun things, but when does trying something new turn to trying something stupid? The fine young man shows your just how to break your U-joint. Trying to do burnout is all fun and games until you break your truck. Now we all need to learn a lesson from […]

toyota explodes

1500HP Truck Overpowers and Explodes…

At which point is to much power. Some say that you can never have to much power whiles other see things like this happening. Now it could be due to the fact of crappy metal or the engine was just couldn’t handle the power. Whatever it was the end result left a giant hole in […]

jet kart

The Most Mental Jet-Kart on The Planet…

If you have seen any of our other videos you may have stumbled across this kook. He is a British man who is nuts about creating everything jet powered. In his first video he created a jet bike out of his moms old land cruiser, but the fun didn’t end there. Here we get to […]

tire explotion

Front Tire Explosion Leads to Deadly Crash…

For the most part when you get into your car you have all confidence in that you will be safe. With all the safety features like seat belts, airbags, and things like on star your chances of dying are not huge. But of course there are things like your tire exploding sending your car rolling […]


We Bet Your Lifted Truck Couldn’t Handle Wat ...

There’s mudding and there there’s extreme mudding. What is extreme mudding you ask? It’s exactly what this video is all about. Now before you go getting your panties in a bunch because we said your truck couldn’t do this, realize we know this so move on and get over it! With out of the way […]

top gear

Apache Helicopter Crash Caught on Camera… To ...

Any gear head have hear of or watches the show top gear. Yet Few people know that this show takes place all over the world in different countries. That being said, while filming a Stingray Corvette race an Military Apache helicopter things go a little wrong. Don’t worry no one was seriously injured, but a […]

bad date

Escaping a Bad Date Like a Veteran… With a H ...

When it comes to viral videos this one has caught fire. A video with hot girls changing clothes and many many guns doesn’t get much better this. Veteran Chris here is know for making videos with his hot wife that usually end in explosions. This time we get to see him escape a bad date […]

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