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jet ski jump

This Jet Ski Jump Will Have You Wishing it was Sum ...

Water sports now a day’s has gone to a whole different level. What once was only done by the few is now being done and modified by so many all over the world. With that comes some of the most viral videos on the web. Just like the one you are about to watch! A […]


Whoever Said You Couldn’t Fly Underwater Was a L ...

The coolest thing to come to water toys is a nifty little wing called Subwing. It works much like the flaps on a plane. With two different flaps that allow you to fly through the water and do some pretty cool things. The best part is the boat can be going less than 5 mph […]

burnout fails

Burnouts With a nasty Ending are Always More Fun t ...

Friendly competition is always fun between friends. So when a day dedicated to burnouts only, comes to town you bet your ass your going to grab your closes friends be there. Now a day of watching hot cars shred some rubber while you sip on a beer and peep out the hotties is all fine, […]


Pissed Off Pete… A 1960 Peterbilt Hotrod

If you know anything about trucks then you have heard of a Peterbilt. It is a form of semi that has been around for ages and is still used pretty heavily in the farming industry. Yet, have you ever heard of a Peterbilt hot-rod… Yeah either did we until this puppy came screaming across our […]


This Ferrari 458 Speciale has the LOUDEST Engine E ...

From the moment the this short 6 minute video starts it’s clear to see and hear this that this Ferrari is the most badass car out there. With whats possibly the loudest engine in a car on the planet, this monster shreds through the streets letting everyone know what’s up. It’s only when you get […]

snoy hill climb

Jeeps, Chevys, and all From’s of Lifted Truc ...

For the most part we see trucks generally in hot sandy deserts and wet muddy swaps, but rarely do you see a gathering quite like this. It’s called the Griztek snow challenge and it’s where all forms of lifted trucks with mean power go to play in the snow. With huge crowds and literally every […]

lightning stike

Chevy Turns into a Fireball After Being Struck by ...

They say the safest place for you to be during a lighting storm is in your car or inside a building. That was proven wrong by this powerhouse couple about to celebrate their 47th anniversary. Caught on a surveillance camera from a newly built warehouse, this couples Chevy Silverado was truck directly by lightning. As […]

honking off a street race

Truck Properly Show How to Honk Off a Street Race!

The bet thing to do if you have a fast car is to have a little street race. Nothing gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing more then a nice little street race. But the biggest problem is the start. To keep the race low profile and discrete, it’s best to not have a […]


Tanner Foust Eats The Streets of San Diego in His ...

The SlingshotX is probably one of the most badass three wheeled machine on the the streets. For the most part we see celebrities driving them around not using them to their full potential, and we over here at Truck Syndicate think that’s a dam shame. Thankfully the guys of Monster Energy feel the same way. […]

hummer limo

This is the Most Expensive Hummer H2 Money Can Buy ...

Money can buy a lot of things if you know hoe to spend it correctly. We would say that most of people don’t know how to spend money and invest in thing like this. A stretch Hummer h2 transformed into the party bus of the century. Fitted with Transformers logos you can see why this […]

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