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Who Knew Jenga Could Ever Kill Someone?

Jenga has been a game everyone has either heard of or played one or twice in their life! But has it ever occurred to you that Jenga could possible kill you. In demonstration of the ability of their new machines CAT shows the moving power and precision as they play the worlds biggest game of […]


The Worlds Longest Touchdown… You’ve N ...

Have you ever seen a touchdown from 14,000 feet? Yeah we didn’t think so… Even though this was a Super Bowl commercial it was fun to watch. Anyone with the balls to jump out of a plane a fight over a football as you plummet to towards earth gains our respect. Make sure to check […]

semi jump

166ft Truck Jumping Stunt Breaks World Records

With the record book saying the longest jump done by a semi is a length of 152 feet, this truck beats that by a cool 14 feet. We have to say seeing a semi take a leap like this one makes us want to go do a few jumps ourselves. Although his landing wasn’t the […]

lose boat

Trying to Ghost Ride Your Boat isn’t the Sma ...

When trying to show off you should probably try and and do it in front of people. This knuckle head tries to ghost ride his boat and well you can imagine how that goes. For those who don’t know what ghosting is, it’s where your vehicle is in motion and you aren’t inside… Sound stupid, […]

extreme sports

15 of The Most Epic Sport of 2015

If you don,t follow any type of sport then you should probably find a whole in the middle of nowhere and stay there forever… Okay that was a bit extreme, but sports play a huge factor in society today. That’s why when a video like this, starting off with a guy skydiving into a pool, […]

snow mobile drop

Epic Snowmobile Drop Off Side of Mountain

We have said before and we will say it again… Go Pro out does their selves again. Not only do you get crystal clear video quality but you get to see the most epic videos. This time we get to see a snowmobile take a giant leap off the side of a mountain into feet […]

redbull race

Ultimate Snowmobile Race Presented by Red Bull is ...

When it come to snowmobiles we have seen them do some pretty impressive thing. We’ve seen the longest hydroplane of 213 miles and double back flips, but Red Bull has out done themselves this time. The hardest off road terrain has these rides working to just stay on their bikes. Watch as these rides battle […]

boat fail

When Launching Your Boat Doesn’t Go As Plann ...

Those who have ever launched a boat before know it doesn’t take much more then a brain and some coordination. Granted the difficulty varies with the size of whatever you are putting in the water, but for the most part it’s not rocket science. So when we see a video like this, it makes you […]

busted nuckle

Hottest Race in The South… Southern Rock Rac ...

In the deep South they cant live without a few things, beer, lifted trucks,rock crawlers, and of course the babes. Every year all the gear heads in the South get together to show of who has the loudest, fastest, most badass rock crawlers. It’s all in good fun as the mountain is littered with people […]


Recoil 3 Has it All… Trucks, Women, and Gambling

This video outdoes it’s self with the amount of action and sex appeal. Monster Energy takes to the deserts of Las Vegas with their number one trophy truck. Giving the viewer gnarly jumps, epic slow motion footage, and of course the sexiest women alive. After a hard day of shredding some dirt it’s time to […]

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