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truck crashes

Smash it up… Truck Crash Compilation 2015 Ed ...

We must warn you some of these crashes may be a bit to much to handle and hard to watch. With that being said these are some of the worse crashes of 2015 from around the world. It just goes to show you that trucks are never to be messed with. We would like to […]

huge yacht

Russian Billionaire’s $300 Million Dollar Ya ...

On the outside this 300 million dollar yacht looks something like a submarine. With its smooth sleep look it glides through the water with ease. While the outside may catch your attention, it’s the inside that will blow your mind. Russian Billionaire Andrey Melnichenkois is 43 and obviously money is not an issue. Be sure […]

jet engin2

Strapping a Jet Engine to a Boat Has to be One Hel ...

Our friend Devin does it again with another awesome video. This time he takes his friends to the rivers of New Zealand, but the fun doesn’t end there. We have heard of jet boats on huge bodies of water but never in narrow canyons like this. Everyone needs a friend like Devin in their lives […]

drift king 2

Drift Battle – Ford Mustang vs Daigo Lamborghini

When it comes the drifts world there are few who have the skill and know how like Vaughn Gittin Jr. We can comfortably say he is one of the best drifters in the world behind his his Ford Mustang. If your he’s looking for competition the only one that compares is his competitor in a […]

twin turbo

Twin Turbo F-150 is One BADASS Sleeper Truck!

In life there are a few things we learn that will stay with us forever. One of those things is that looks can be deceiving and that’s exactly whats going on with Ford F-150. While the body of the truck looks normal in every way it’s whats under the hood that will blow you away. […]

Kris Foster

Monster Energy has the Sickest Athletes Around…

Kris Foster is not only Monster Energy star athlete but he also know around the world as one of the best on a dirt bike. This time Kris takes the team to the uncharted backyard of Canada where he searches for the best possible spot to shoot his new video Moto 6. It’s rare you […]

drifting tanls

Tax Payer Dollars Put to Good Use… Drifting ...

When in the Marines you have ample amount of down which mean either you clean your gun again or drift tanks. I mean would pass up the opportunity to take a tank on some icy roads. These marines have some time to kill so they decided to practice turning these huge M1 tanks into drifting […]

Super truck

King of Extreme Super Trucks Takes to the Street!

Extreme Super Trucks prides themselves on taking even the most modern truck and jacking it up sky high turning lame into luxury. That’s exactly what they did with this Ford. With all the bells and whistles a truck like this can go anywhere from 89,000 to 250,000 and from the look of it it was […]

mud girls

Bikinis, Beer, and Lifted Trucks… Mudding Go ...

For some reason mud and lifted trucks make these girls go wild. We can’t complain because who doesn’t like beer and girls in short shorts. Welcome to the redneck yacht club where the dirtier the better! If you don’t mind a little mud and more fun then you can handle Florida is the place for […]

head to head

F1 Racer vs. Rugby Team… You Decide The Winner

There are a lot of interesting match ups that we come across, but this one by far has to be our favorite. Have you ever seen a group of men go up against a Formula One Race Car… Didn’t think so. Can a group of hardcore Rugby players really take on 1000 hours power super […]

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