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car flip

Dashcam Catches The Moment a Car Decides to do a F ...

Dash cams are becoming more and more a thing as people have seemed to capture some of the most viral videos on the web with them. They also help you when it come to law enforcement and accidents. Well folks here is another video that’s hard to not watch. This dash cam gets the the […]

road rage

Trying to Hit a Biker Multiple Times… Road R ...

We all at some point in life experience some form of road rage. Whether we act upon it it separates us from the crazies. But what would you do if a rager picks you to single out and try to hurt. In this video a man on his bike almost gets hit multiple times by […]


900HP Mustang Gets Stretched to It’s Limits…

Monster Energy’s Vaughn Jr. of course is the first one to test Fords new supped up Mustang. Coming out with a new Mustang for Monster Energy was a serious task for Ford Motor Sports seeing as they had to somehow make the car lighter and faster without giving up any maneuverability. Be sure to check […]

speed boat

The Newest Powerboat On The Water Has More Power T ...

With a boat that goes 160mph plus its hard to keep your eyes from watering and your face from being torn off by the wind. Okay maybe not that fast, but it’s still pretty fast. Being a new boat you can imagine there are tunes and kinks that have to be worked out. The thing […]

perfect shot

Spectator Almost Gets Head Taken off Trying to Get ...

In Baja we see one of the gnarliest races we know of, the Baja 1000.This is where cars from all over the world travle to race 1000 miles in the hot sun and desert of Baja. The cool art about these races is that you as a spectator can get extremely close to the trucks […]

stormy ship

Landing a Helicopter on a Rocking Ship During a St ...

Maneuvering a helicopter is one of the trickiest jobs a pilot has. It’s much different then flying a plane or driving a boat due to the fact of having so many instruments in use at the same time. They also say that landing a helicopter on a moving ship is incredibly difficult so can you […]

road rage

Cheater Gets Instant Karma While Driving in the Pa ...

Over the weekend in Vancouver Canada a road raged driver got what he deserved. Trying to use the parking lane and a passing lane didn’t really workout well for him this time. Good thing for dash cams being so popular now a days. Within seconds of parking the cops roll up on this angry driver […]

bridge fail

Bridge vs Truck… The Bridge Always Wins̷ ...

Many viral videos go around the internet showing some pretty impressive things along with some pretty stupid things. Well we will let you decide what this one falls under. For the most part if you drive the same route everyday you know what bridges you can go under and which ones you can’t. Either this […]

john deer tractor

John Deer Tractor Owns Ford Truck in Tug of War

It’s rare that you see a mini ride on tractor own a fully loaded truck at a game of tug of war. Well I guess it’s a common trait for Fords to get beat by everything else. Either the tractor was crazy supped up or the truck has something seriously wrong with it. Be sure […]

slowest race

Welcome to The Slowest Race Ever… RV Racing

If your have ever been to the drag races then you know people go there for the loud cars and the insane speed. Visitors of this one drag strip got a little more then what they paid for.. In fact I’m sure these people would have gladly paid to not see this. Two of the […]

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