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quad fail

Idiots First Time on a Quad… Hilarious!

We all have been there when we try something for the time and it doesn’t really go the way we intend for it to go. Well this guy learned first hand that it’s not always easy as it seems. Apparently this is his first time on a quad and he thinks he knows how to […]

human back

Human Catapult Launches You 55 Feet in The Air &# ...

When summer comes around you should really invest in friends like this. With toys like this summer should never. A.K.A the blob looks to be one hell of a good time as it launches you 55 feet in the air. We would recommend trying to hit the water right seeing as a belly flop from […]

tow truck

Is 140 MPH Too Fast to be Towing a Trailer?

Trying to set a new world record by being the faster truck to ever pull a trailer is a huge feat to accomplish. What better way to set a record then with a badass supped up truck? Knowing that anything could go wrong these guys weigh out every option possible before heading out to the […]


A Day at The Lake – RC Boat vs. RC Truck Hyd ...

RC vehicles, no matter what they are, make for a good time. Most people think of electric power when they think of RC but for the most part they are gas powered and faster the all hell. This video takes us lake side as we watch an RC truck take on a furious looking RC […]

2015-chevy-silverado-3500 (4)

Freedom Defender… 2015 GMC Sierra 3500

A truck for those who defend our freedom has finally been made. Named High Honor, this 6.6L GMC Sierra has it all. Starting off with the body wrap of all blue camo and a nice little 6.5 inch lift this puppy definitely has heads turning. The master behind this piece of art is Kelly Fromm, […]

recoil 3

Sasquatch Hunter- BJ Baldwin’s Recoil 3

When it comes to Monster Energy you can pretty much assume that whatever they are doing is going to be epic. When we visited the first recoil series we were taken through the desserts of Baja and southern California. But now we are taken through the forest ans streets in the great state of Washington. […]

braking the window

Braking A Car Window With Your Finger… Don&# ...

If you are ever left in a tough situation and for some reason need to to get into the car, this is a perfectly safe way to do so. Just make sure you have a pair of heavy duty gloves and your set. A firefighter shows a group of students how to shatter a window […]


This is How You Show up to Mud Bog Like a Boss

Most of these videos are short clips of lifted trucks mudding and hot girls drinking ice cold beer. But rarely do you get to see every step in the process. In this video we get to see from sun up to sun down and all the fun in between. You might not know of all […]


Aqua Mode… Sink or Float?

When it comes to boating we all know the most boring part is the hook up and putting away of the boat. Well what if you could bypass them both? This RV has the ability to engage aqua mode and drive straight into the water. Having an extended porch off the back gives the ability […]


Virgin Galactic Unveils Spaceship… It will O ...

After Virgin Galactic had their first spaceship disaster it was back to the drawing board. Spaceship 2 is now is the finishing stages of assembly and is planned to be done at the end of the year. The aircraft take 6 passengers plus two pilots 65 miles above the earth. The passengers experience about an […]

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