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car surfing

Car Surfing is Probably The Coolest Thing to Come ...

When the waves are too crazy to handle the best solution is surfing elsewhere. Like maybe the lake or the sand duns. The question is how do you find both in the same place? These guys seem to know where to find them and they put them to proper uses. After a few falls they […]


F-16 Almost Decapitates Man… Too Close For C ...

When a Turkish fighter jet almost takes your head off, you start to rethink your life. An F-16 comes to close for comfort for one civilian. So close in fact the very next day they put up a fence blocking anyone from standing in the way. We love fighter jets don’t get us wrong but […]

gun fails

When Using Guns Try Not To Be This Stupid…

Either you like them or you don’t but no matter your opinion when stupid people handle guns, you cant help but laugh! By far one of the funniest videos we have seen. When you shoot yourself in the foot or you end up putting a whole in your mothers wall things tend to become hilarious. […]

black swan

A Yacht Fit For James Bond and All His Ladies!

Nicknamed the black swan this hyper yacht is one of a kind. With everything you can think of from fine silverware to a helicopter pad there is not much this yacht. Still in it’s design stages the black swan when complete will go for somewhere around 10 million. Which if you have that amount to […]


15 Car Crashes That Confirm Humanity is Doomed…

Car crashes are never fun to deal with. Whether it’s a fender bender or something more serious, chances are you aren’t having the best day ever. But some crashes you see and end up asking yourself how in the hell did that happen. For example, a car wrapped arpund a pole 25 feet in the […]


Some People Should Never Touch a Truck… Thes ...

In life every one person is good at something. Whether that’s fixing cars or building houses those people usually stick with that trade. While others venture out and try new things. Some succed while other fail, miserably. This video is all about those people who fail at driving trucks. Somethings are just not meant to […]

shot gu fishing

Rednecks Show us How to Fish Properly… With ...

For most people fishing is a time of quiet and relaxation. A time to enjoy a beer, some good company, and the fruits of your labor at the end of the day. These guys have a complete opposite take on fishing and we kinda like it. Instead of using a fishing pole and bait they […]


Dreaming in Black And White… Yin and Yang Wo ...

With contrast being his main goal, Curtis Hicks turned his 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 into a black and white masterpiece. Only using these two colors throughout the entire truck, Curtis brought his vision to life. With a 16 inch Coast Custom lift, this beast sits on 22 Fuel Hostile rims wrapped in 40 in  Toyo […]

water toys

Summer Just Became 10 Times Cooler With These INSA ...

Winter is good for maybe a handful of things like gloomy weather, snow covered mountains, sitting by the fireplace, and holiday lights. But we all know that summer is where it’s at. With endless options for fun in the sun we can see why more people love summer then any other season. Well the guys […]

1936 Delahaye Whatthehaye  $671,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Sold at The Barrett Jac ...

Some of the gnarliest car to roam this planet are bought and sold at the Barrett Jackson Auto show in Scottsdale Arizona. This is where you go to spend big money and walk away with something no one else has in their garage. Here are the top 10 most expensive cars sold last year in […]

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