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Why Yes… It Is Possible To Drift A Ford F- ...

Drifting in big trucks is a high risk high reward situation. Some times you can pull it off and other times not so much! Well thankfully for us this guy pulled it off with style. Drifting his Ford F-450 in the snow looks like an epic time. #1 What’s Cookin Good Lookin? Facebook TWITTER Google […]


Chevy Owners Listen Up… Ford’s Out For Blood

From the dawn of time there has been a rivalry between Ford and Chevy owners. Okay well not that long but as long as we can remember these two have butted heads and I don’t think they will ever come to terms with who has the better truck. But regardless this is a shot below […]


What Makes This Truck Worth Over $1,000,000?

When was the last time you hear about a truck selling for one million? Let me answer that… never! Just looking at this monster of a truck, no pun intended, the hairs on my neck stand straight up. This thing has a huge set of 66x44x15 in tires with enormous 26 inch shocks. Facebook TWITTER […]

go pro flip

Go Pro Does It Again… Longest Jump Story

If you haven’t heard of Go Pro then you’re living under a rock and need to get a life. We all know that Go Pro makes some of the most stunning videos of extreme people doing incredible things. For the most part all we see are videos after they been edited, but rarely we see […]


Ford Raptor Gets 90 Feet Of Air! But Can It Handl ...

For the most part we know Raptors can’t fly. They are mean, lean, ground tackling machines. I’m talking about about the new For Raptor that is. These trucks for the past year have been the talk of the town. They were designed to be the baddest truck on and off the streets. to this day […]

hero of the day

Hero Dad Stopped Speeding Teen With His Lifted Pic ...

Kids these days are so influenced by everything going on around them. With TV and video games becoming more violent their innocent minds can’t comprehend what’s right and whats wrong. Unfortunately this kid kne exactyly what he was doing. Stealing his grandfathers car at age 14, this young teenager led cops on a hot pursuit […]

train horn

Getting Arrested Never Sounded So Great… Tra ...

Everyday thousands of videos are being made in the hope that one of them goes viral. Most are of some high school kid lighting a firecracker out of his butt, or a twerking fail. But the ones that have me laughing the most are when pranks go wrong. In this case the prank went perfect […]

50 cal truck

How Many 50 Cal Rounds Dose It Take To Bring Down ...

50 Cal shot to the engine and it keeps running… What in the world is this truck made out of? This video comes from FullMag, a Youtube channel with some of the most badass videos I’ve ever seen. The creator of the channel, Richer Ryan, finds joy in shooting some of the most odd things […]

ken block3

Shredfest With Ken Block Is Un-Freakin Real…

We all know that the Raptor is a great feat of automotive engineering.The addition of the tank-like treads make it that more capable all around and with super star Ken Block at the wheel this truck couldn’t be more bad ass. Add in Monster’s trademark paint scheme and you seem to find yourself wanting to spend all of your […]


SEMA Delivers Most Epic Trucks Known To Man

All over the world children dream of one day owning their dream truck. What happens when these kids grow up? Some settle for sports cars which is understandable because there faster then all hell but we only care about those who have truck in their blood. Those children grow and bring us the most tricked […]

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