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When Your One Of The Best Pilots In The World You ...

Its every boys dream growing up to one day be a fighter pilot. But as we get older and wiser we learn that the chances of being able to fly one of these million dollar machines in close to impossible. But that didn’t stop this man. Art Nalls has been flying fighter jets and all types of […]

road rage

Never… Upset a Guy With A Lifted Truck

Road rage is something that we all experience at some point in our life. Unless you don’t drive and well if that’s the case you should stay in the whole you’ve been living in for the bast century. For the most part controlling our rage is as easy as taking a deep breath, throwing out […]


Wife Buys Pool After Husband Says No… Ultima ...

Marriage is a wonderful thing for the most part. But everything that has ups has downs. After begging her husband to buy a new pool for the kids he respectfully declined her wish saying the money could be put to better use. Okay… I can see where he’s coming from. But when the misses decides […]

bike prank

Bike Equipt With Dog Shocker Gives The HOOD A Ride ...

If you don’t live under a rock and watch any type of viral videos; Then you’ve seen the prank video of two guys tying a rope to land cruiser and film people stealing it. As you can imagine all the thief’s go head first over the handlebars and run like there’s no tomorrow. So the […]


Driver Takes His 18 Wheeler Through Roaring Rapids ...

When duty calls, duty calls! Delivery companies around the world run into all sorts of weather conditions and have to make tough choices regarding so. This man right here receives the biggest Balls of the year award as he charges through flash flood water with an 18 wheeler. Most people in their right mind wouldn’t […]

stack um

Somethings Should Be left To The Pro’s… ...

I wish we could say that these images are photo shopped or fake, but the sad truth is that they are not. I’m sitting here trying to understand what in the world was going through the minds of these people. Why didn’t they call a flat bed truck or call the pro’s? These questions will […]


Kawasaki Guy Comes Face To Face With The Ground ...

Personally, if I were to show off I would do something I knew how to do so I don’t look like a fool. A group of KAWASAKI riders are pulling wheelies when one of them slows down right in front of another. After the rider in back clipped the back wheel of the guy who slowed down […]

maxresdefault (5)

Polaris RZR Attempts Unrealistic 200 Foot JumpR ...

Concept Distributing is taking off road toys to a new level. This company has all the mods needed to take your RZR  from boring to Beast mode allowing it to jump over 200 feet. Bradley Friesen and his crew are at it again. This time taking a Polaris RZR decked out in the latest tech from Concept […]

alaskin mountains

Insane 4K Footage Of Snowmobile Crossing A River&# ...

High in the Alaskan mountains is in my opinion, one of the best places to try this stunt. Taking a Polaris Snowmobile, a helicopter, and a very expensive 4K camera these guys hope to successfully cross a 200 yard river. I know what your thinking, and yes a snowmobile has the ability to hydroplane. But […]

sunken truck

Forgetting To Put it in Park… Wife Sinks Bra ...

Summer time is a truck driver favorite time of the year. This is when we get to show off all the fun and heavy toys we can tow. It’s also the time to showoff our talents of precision driving. The average Joe would have no problem backing the family boat with his new 2016 into […]

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