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ram storm trooper

RAM 3500 Storm Trooper is One Badass Truck…

With the new Star Wars movie just recently out in theaters it’s fitting that someone finally made a truck in it’s honor. This Ram 3500 is one of the coolest trucks to be custom built. Be sure to check out this epic tricked out truck and let us know what you think about it. Don’t […]

boat crash

Whales Watchers Get More Then What They For as Boa ...

On last day in march these whale watchers got more then they paid for as there ship lost control and ran into the dock. The Horn blower is a whale watching vessel that take people out in the pay of sunny San Diego. Apparently the ships captain lost all control of the boat as it […]

Jeep® Crew Chief 715 Concept

Crew Chief 715 is Jeeps New Pick Up Truck…

With a new concept out Jeep takes the Crew Chief 715 for a ride on Easter Sunday. This new longer jeep model is a staggering 23 feet long with and extended cab and 3.7 liter v6 engine. From the looks of it you won’t see these things out on the road seeing as it’s a […]

plane landing

Some of The Sketchiest Plane Landings of All Time& ...

The most commen way people travel love distance is by plane. If you think about it, it makes the most sense. You save time money and the hassle that some other ways throw at you. When boarding the plane there is almost a 100% guarantee you will take and land with no problem at all, […]

corvette boat

When Your Speed Boat Matches Your Car You Know You ...

It’s one thing in life to get your dream car. Most people would be happy that their hard work paid off. Then there are those who just can’t get enough and have to aspire to more. Take for example this guy, he completely designed his speed boat around his corvette. The boat is literally identical […]

241 blade

How to Get a 241 Feet Blade Through a Roundabout!

When you have to transport something that 241 feet long it take a special truck. This gnarly truck has one driver, but the cool part about it is that the second cart follows the exact tracks of the first truck. making moving something as massive as this blade no sweat. Don’t get it wrong it […]

cash cars

After Watching This You’ll Want to Buy His C ...

Believe it or not this is an actual commercial. This driven sales man literally gives you all the right reasons to buy his cars. Now seeing the price he’s selling them at mean one of two things, their either stolen or they just plan out don’t run. That aside he does make a pretty convincing […]


Kids Try to Steel Weed and End up Crashing Brand N ...

You know what they say, Karma is a bitch and it always comes back to bite you in the ass. These two bros attempt to steel week from there hook up and it ends with a new car being crashed. While one buddy sets up a camera to catch this epic steel on film and […]

street light knok off

Man Refuses to Get Off Traffic Light… Gets H ...

I’m sure we can all agree that some people in this world do the stupidest things. For instance this young man deiced to climb the traffic light and stay there for hours. After police forces couldn’t get the man down the road was closed and the fire crew came to save the day. Setting up […]

doubled up

Race Car Parks on Top of Other Car to Win the Race ...

It’s rare you see a car perfectly positioned on top of another unless it was put there for a reason. Don’t be fooled this was not planned. As these cars race around the corner on the first lap one thing leads to another and there is a spin out, forcing one of the cars to […]

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