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Chevy silverado

Chevy Silverado Takes Extreme Jump… This Isn ...

Usualy when buying a new truck you tend to take the corners careful, driver below the speed limit, and watch out for the pot holes. Not most people have the balls of this guy!He took his Brand new 2015 Chevy Silverado to the dunes and well got a little carried away. Taking a jump over […]

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Waking Up The Neighbors The Right Way… With BASS

Growing on a 5 house street, I grew to love my neighbors! With love comes the ability to prank one an other and I sure did. Nothing crazy the the occasional TeePee was all us kids partook in but what this man does tops all pranks! Installing a 15,000 watt sub in his truck making […]


When Next Day Air Fails… Horse Power Saves T ...

The holidays are over but the cold weather lingers on. Leaving the  ground covered in snow and the roads iced over. In some parts of the country this time of year is the worst but life must go on! Especially for mail companies, they have it rough. So when a Fed Ex Next Day Air […]

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I’m Pretty Sure We Are All Smarter Then This

Modifying my truck is something i take pride in, as do many truck owners. When adding or taking away something from your vehicle its always important to make sure it doesn’t harm your day to day driver in anyway. From one gear head to the next make sure whatever it is you are doing it’s […]


Car Mods That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Apparently for some people Halloween is year round. Now if indeed that was the case these cars would win the most outrageous car award of the year. We’ve all been there when its time to pinch for money and we decided to add modifications that weren’t always the best. Personally I tip my hat to […]


Little Red Wagon Is Not So Little

The little red wagon is the best thing coming in 2016 are you ready Some things you rarely see in the lifted truck world. But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves there. For Keena Bryant, also known as Mrs. KEG , there’s nothing typical about her latest , a 2015 GMC Yukon XL dubbed the […]


Formula Hill Climb World Championships In Iceland ...

Most race styles have a complete opposite. For example NASCAR has Formula One and Dirt Racing has Formula Offroad. These racers are the best hill climbers in all of the world. I don’t know about you but this seems like something I could fall in love with and spend a lot of money on! This […]


The Rock Crawler That Defies Gravity… This I ...

Few things are more bad ass then having a super charged rock crawler. Nicknamed the “Quiet Grasshopper” this thing of beauty has no problem hitting the hills. Not only is it mean looking it sounds are defining. Defiantly do not watch with the volume up all the way or your head phones on. But you […]


A Fan Tries To Crash The Baja 500… What Happ ...

We understand that some fans get a little to crazy. Well last year during the Baja 500 a very enthusiastic fan decided to take her Toyota Tacoma and join the race. Obviously he stands no chance his little Tacoma isn’t worth a quarter of what these trophy trucks go for. While the fans of Mexico […]


What Makes This Truck Worth Over $1,000,000?

When was the last time you hear about a truck selling for one million? Let me answer that… never! Just looking at this monster of a truck, no pun intended, the hairs on my neck stand straight up. This thing has a huge set of 66x44x15 in tires with enormous 26 inch shocks. Facebook TWITTER […]

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