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1934 Dodge Hot Rod Pickup Truck

There is no denying that everyone has a little love for classic cars. I mean come on their classics! If everyone showed as much love as Dave here, the world would be a better place. He turned a 1934 Dodge pick up truck into a rubber burning machine. With most of the body work done […]


The Black Pearl Will Make Any Man Weak In The Knee ...

Truck lovers come in all shapes and forms. Some like their trucks lifted while others like them to craw up walls like a spider. But few truck lovers are as loyal and passionate as those who devote themselves to slammed trucks. You can basically slam any truck and have turn out great. All that required […]


Ford F-150 Get Huge Air After Hydroplaning… Ouch

Wet road are dangerous for many reasons, hydroplaning wins hands down. We’ve all been there going a little to fast and we hit a puddle. For a moment you have no control over the car, but imagine going 70 mph and hitting a huge puddle. I would pee my pants, probably just what this guy […]

drifting queen

Drifting Sales Girl Makes Grown Men Cry Like Babie ...

Normally when you go to purchase a new truck or car you try to stay away from the attractive sales lady! Now we stray away for the reason that she will sway you to buy the most expensive car. Oh but of course  a test drive! Men being men, we are naturally drawn to  the […]

truck back flip

A Real Man Can Do Back-flips With His Truck! What ...

Us humans are known for always wanting more. With wanting more, comes more risk and more to sacrifice. Some people were born into this world with those natural abilities that leave your jaw on the floor. While other are not so blessed, and their attempts are well just acts of straight stupidity. We seem to always try thing that our gut insists on […]

crash 2

Super-Cars And Their Idiotic Drivers…What A ...

Super-Cars are what make a grown man become a boy again. The only problem is some can handle the power and other… well they “think” they can handle it. Most people once realizing that the power is to great for them give up and buy a Prius or a mini van.   Then there are those who can’t come […]

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