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shower sand

BJ Baldwin Showers Spectators With Sand… Gla ...

Monster Energy’s BJ Baldwin takes to the one and only Gamis Sand Dunes for spring break. While he’s there he makes sure to have a little fun with the people watching. As usual he hits his gnarly jumps and crazy landings, but this time he showers people with sand… not just once or twice but […]

rzr crawl

The Largest Gathering of Supped up RZR’s Tur ...

Thanks to Busted Knuckles Films we get to experience the largest gathering of RZR 4 wheeler’s in the world. Hundreds of these rock hungry monsters tackles some of the gnarliest hills we’ve seen. The adreniline you get from watching this video makes you want to leave work ad take the weekend off. Some fail while […]

stealing cop car

Wait Did She Just Try to Carjack a Cop Car?

When faced with the choice to surrender or run this lady chose the worse of the two. After about 30 minutes of running from the police this women was spun out by a cruiser. What looked like the end of the line for her was only the beginning in her mind. Pretending to surrender she […]


Airbus Goes Inverted Seconds Before 747 Lands R ...

With just seconds to spare this Airbus goes full throttle and straight into an inverted flight. Now we know know what you’re thinking… An Airbus can’t go inverted, it’s not physically possible. Well ladies in gentlemen the day has come where you get to witness a plane this size do a barrel roll and even […]

blake selton

Country Stars Love Themselves Some Pick up Trucks

Chances are if you love country music then you love a good lifted truck. It makes you wonder if your favorite country stars love lifted trucks too? Well the answer to that is HELL yes! Here are some of the hottest names in country and their lifted trucks. Brain Kelly From Florida Georgia Lines Kelly […]

lock opening

Guy Unlocks Locks With Soda Can- Time to Get New ...

Here is another interesting one guys and gals. Our last lock video showed how you can open any lock with two wrenches and everyone seem to enjoy it. Now we bring you guys one more trick to break a lock. With just a soda can and some careful folding you can essentially get into anything […]

falling suv

She Plummeted 4 Stories in Her SUV and Lived

A 23 year old women from Baltimore was on the top level of a parking structure when she came crashing down 4 stories. It all of a sudden turned into the scariest moment of her life as she mistook her gas pedal for the brake. Know we know that it looks like there is no […]

gas scam

Scamming Gas Pump… Is There More Then One?

The last thing in this world you want to be scammed on anything, so when it happens while your pumping gas you want to lite the world on fire. This video has been going around the internet for a couple of weeks now and more and more people are seeing the same results. If this […]

hitting the pole

Bro Catches The Beer But Forgets About The Pole…

With summer coming up the thought of water sports keep popping into everyone’s mind. The only down side to that is when the sun comes out so do the drunk idiots. The BRO right here tries to be cool and split a pole while catching a beer… hmmm doesn’t seem like the smartest idea in […]

mini semi

Pick Up Truck Makeover… Like it or Hate it?

If you are in love with semi trucks but just can’t afford them. Fear no more there is a mechanic that will deck your truck out to look identical to a high flyin semi. From the inside out these guys totally rebuild the truck so that your every need is met and the finished product […]

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