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dump truck tug of war

Dump Truck Tug of War vs Three Monster Trucks- Way ...

We don’t know about you but tug of war between any two vehicles is fun to watch and it;s true what they say the bigger the better. In this instance we go super big and the loser goes goes home. In a demontration of their new dump truck VOLVO take on three massive monster trucks […]


Joy Ridding A Concrete Truck is Too Funny… H ...

If you ever chose to break the law and go for a joy ride you would think that most people would pick a fancy car or truck, but not this guy. He chooses to joy ride a concrete truck with a couple flat tires. Now this video is a group of videos from surrounding pedestrians […]

changing a tire

Wanna Learn How to Change a Tire… She’ ...

I’m sure we all know by now how to change a tire. It’s not exactly rocket science now is it? Whether you do or you don’t know how to do this simple task let this very well educated teacher show you what’s up. Although this video is purely about the changing a tire, you can’t […]


This Machine Eats Engine Blocks Like They Are Mars ...

If you know anything about engines then you know that the block is one of the strongest parts on the car. With that being said when you see how easily this machine eats them your jaw will hit the floor. Not only do the engine blocks look like they are made out of foil but […]

dump truck

Ending Road Rage With a Dump Truck… Classic

We post a lot about road rage and manly because it’s funnier then hell and sometimes leads to a fight or a video that goes viral. Well this time we get to see the ultimate revenge. Word of caution do not tail gate a dump truck. Why you may ask? Take a look at the […]

aston martin

The Aston Martin Vulcan… Truly Ahead of It&# ...

Top Gear is a show I’m sure you have heard of or are an avid watcher. If not, Top Gear is a gear head show where they test out all types of automotive vehicles. This time they were given the privilege of driving the brand new Aston Martin Vulcan. Not only is this car sleek […]

pond crash

When You’re About to Crash Your Bike… ...

We all know that when you become a motorcycle rider chances are you will at some point in life crash it. When you think of crashing it seems like a pretty bad situation for your bike and yourself. Unless you are lucky like this bastard. As he loses control over his bike he goes off-roading […]


Uber’s New Batman Lamborghini is Driving Eve ...

Pranks are always fun and games until someone gets hurt. Luckily for us this video isn’t about any cruel pranks, instead quite the opposite. An Uber driver with a Lamborghini surprises his rides as he dressed up as batman and takes them for a ride of life time! This is pretty cool don’t you think? […]

breaking through the ice

A Nuclear Submarine Breaking Through The Ice is Pr ...

Some of the military’s favorite toys are their nuclear submarines. Not only because they are nearly undetectable and capable of mass destruction, but they can do some pretty cool things. For instance, breaking through a thick layer of ice and snow. Now that’s only the beginning seeing as the crew has to cut their way […]


How Many Lifted Trucks Does it Take to Tear Down a ...

We all love lifted trucks. Whether it’s a Dodge, Ford, Chevy, or GMC the love runs deep. So when a video like this comes along you cant help but watch it. $ massive lifted trucks take on the challenge of tearing a building down. With a little help from an excavator they manage to do […]

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