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rich kids

The Richest Cars of The Middle East… Are You ...

Some of the the nicest cars in the world come from overseas. They are either too fast or too nice to be running around here in America. So for the first time ever we get to see inside the worlds most unique car show and collection. Are you ready? Be sure to check out the […]

getting hit

Guy on Bike Gets Hit and You Won’t Believe W ...

If you are ever in a traffic accident and a serious one at that you would hope that someone would stop and lend a helping hand. Well I guess in Asia the only thing that they know how to do is turn their cheek. This poor man gets hit pretty hard by an oncoming car […]


Hellcat Breaks World Recored of Speed on Ice WOW T ...

The hellcat has been know to be many things, but never a world record holder. When crazy minds get together they come up with something like this. Putting their minds together they achieved the world record of speed on snow and ice. The hellcat hit over 274 KPM making it the fast thing on powder. […]

lazy boy

Lazy Boy With Jet Engines… This is a Comfy Ride

Have you ever seen a Lazy Boy recliner chair with twin jet engines on it… yeah we didn’t think so. This is something you’ll never see on the street, but if you have a adrenaline junkie for a father then this is your perfect chair. Make sure to check out the video below and let […]

cool cop

Getting Pulled Over by a Cool Cop… There is ...

We all know that getting pulled over by the cops is never a good thing. For some reason they always feelthe need to made you feel small and intimate you. If that’s the case you should probably learn your rights and follow a few simple steps to ensure the interaction is smooth. Then there are […]

dude perfect

Driving Stereotypes With Dale Jr. is Spot on!

Now before we start we know that not all people drive like this. With being said I think you can agree with us as we all know someone like this. For this Youtube video Dude Perfect partners with Dale Jr. to put together the top stereotypes of drivers. Let us know what you think and […]

SEMA 2016

Nothing Screams Luxury More Then This Platinum SEM ...

Every year the SEMA truck show brings top of the line trucks from all around the world together in one place. Here you see some of the most ridiculous truck along with some of the most luxury trucks out there. The Platinum truck one SEMA show case truck for the past 2 years and now […]

mustang crash

Wrecking a GT Mustang and Corvette is a Sure Way t ...

One sure way to get your ass beat is ruining someones pride and of a car. A sure way to die is ruining two of them at once. For some reason this guy was looking directly into the camera when he nails a New Mustang GT and a Corvette. Unfortunately for the owners of the […]

tug of wat

Tahoe Gets Owned by Land Cruiser in Tug of War Bat ...

Most tug of war battles you have a clear idea of who is going to win. In this instance you would probably put your money on the brand new Chevy Tahoe… Sorry to tell you that it gets spanked by the=is little Land Cruiser. It just goes to prove that looks can and are deceiving. […]

speed boat

Hitting Speeds of Over 174mph in a Boat… Is ...

Speeding is in every gear heads blood stream. At what point does fast become to fast? How about 174mph? This speed boat just broke the record for fastest water boat. Beating the helicopter it was just racing. We don’t know about you but that’s pretty cool if you ask us. What’s the fastest thing you […]

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