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air horn

Smart Car Packs Some Bite… Train Horn Prank!

Pranks are all funny if done in the right way. With that in mind have you ever seen a smart car sound this loud? One air horn is loud enough but try 4! Laugh along as these guys go around making people jump and flip them off. Oh and be sure to like and Share […]


Helmet Airbag Protection Saves Rider Life

When it comes to motorcycles the number one things that pops in your head is usually the safety of the rider themselves. If you have ever seen a video with motorcycles then you know they tend to tip over and more often then not. Good thing for this crazy airbag jacket. Be sure to check […]

cooler ride

It’s a Sad Day When Your Kids Have a Better ...

If you have kids then you know that you want nothing but the best for them in life and everything they do. So how do you react when they roll up to you in a nicer ride then you? Well then you drag race them… Okay maybe not in this situation, but you can’t help […]

running naked

Getting Naked and Running Around in Traffic Won ...

While running from the cops the women ends up stripping down naked and streaking through traffic. A few things that might be important to know are that she was on massive amounts of drugs, had been drinking, and on the verge of a mental break. If you ask me she has lost her dam mind. […]

monster girls

Monster Girls UK Really Know How to Put on a Show

Monster Energy is known all over the world as one of the top sporting companies. With toys in literally every event you can think of. This time we are taken to Monster rally UK style, where the riders are hot and the girls even hotter. They pride themselves as being some of the best looking […]


Buying New Tires is a Thing of The Past… Add ...

No matter if you’re an average person who only needs new tires when your car says so or your line of work has you going through tires like they are running out of style, this will save your life. It may also save some money in your pockets as well. For the most part these […]


Navy’s First Ariel Refueling With An Unmanne ...

For years the military has been using drones to spy and even engage in a target. Obviously with each year comes better technology and the advancement of drones. Well now the US military has completed it’s first unmanned drone refueling, flawlessly I might add. We don’t really get to see the entire process but we […]

lifted bike

Twin Turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle is All You Need i ...

By far one of the coolest bikes to ever be built. With twin turbos and AWD this thing tackles anything in it’s way. All custom built with a rustic older look to it gives this bike the edge as it cruses down the street. The only thing we could find that the bike needed improvement […]

large rc plane

The Worlds Largest Model RC Plane… Must See!

Their are many different kinds of toys and hobbies you can have in this world. For those whom chose to dabble in RC as their hobby have some of the coolest toys around. From cars, trucks, boats, helicopters, too giant planes. In the video below you get to witness the first flight of the largest […]

huge wave

Taking a Huge Ship Through the Middle of a Massiv ...

The ocean can be an unforgiving woman. Now we say women because they don’t call it mother nature for nothing. No matter the weather the world keeps turning and goods need to be delivered on time and unbroken. This video might give you an understanding of why some things in this world arrive a little […]

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