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tree falling

We Love Nothing More Then When People Fail…

In life there are few things that make people smile or laugh every time it happens. Now keep in mind it mostly happens to people with lesser IQ but regardless it’s just as funny! When cutting down a tree that is located literally right next to your house its a smart idea to know what […]

snow tracks

Putting Snow Tracks on Your Truck is Easier Then Y ...

Putting snow tracks on your truck is a lot easier then you think. All it takes is 4 new durable snow tracks an hour of your time and you and your buddy, I’m sure a few beers would help out the process. This quick easy way will make your winters 10 times more fun as […]

motorcycle crash

Point Of View Motorcycle Crash… 2 Helmet Cam ...

When you get a new bike the first thing you probably want to do is go on a canyon run with all of your buddies. What better way to break in something you worked your ass off for right? Well unfortunately for these two bikers they learned that following to close can ruin your day […]

snake in truck

Only in Africa Will You Find a Massive Python Unde ...

Only in Africa do you have to worry about wild life being the cause of car problem. I’m sure the excuse of “sorry I couldn’t make it to work today due to the fact there was a python in engine” wouldn’t fly with boss man. Although there was hige snake in the engine compartment no […]

bad driving habbits

Guilty as Charged… 5 Bad Driving Habits

We all have bad driving habits. Whether that is talking on the phone or eating food, more commonly for girls, putting their makeup on. No matter what it is we all have them. Now because of youtube and viral videos there was bound to be a video about it. Do you have any bad driving […]

laborghini crash

Lamborghini’s Aren’t Meant to… Fly are They?

When you have a super car the last thing you need is someone who’s not paying attention to pull out in front of you and cause a crash. Good thing there was a man recording the super car seeing as it was clearly the fault of the smaller less expensive car. All in all the […]


Taking a Semi Through 14 Years of Mythbusters Prop ...

Over the year the Mythbuster has captured Americas inner child as they test out some of the most interesting myths out there. We’ve seen sharks eating people to a duck tape boat crossing the San Francisco bay. Unfortunately their years of awesomeness has to come to an end and what better way to go about […]

jet piots

Buzzing The Tower is a Right of Initiation for The ...

If you have ever seen Top Gun then you know the reference “Buzzing The Tower”. For those of you that don’t, it’s when a fighter pilot take their jet so close to the control tower it makes the whole tower “buzz”. An action like this has to be approved by the flight tower and for […]

mustang goes up in flames

Mustang Hits The Nos and Goes up in Flames…

Nothing would ruin your day more then watching your one true love go up in flames… and yes we are talking about a mustang. While trying to drag race, this supped up mustang hit it’s last race. We don’t know about you, but it seems like the fire department didn’t do much to help out […]

hil clim

Huge Mountain vs Truck… Who do You think Wil ...

When you have a truck doing things like off roading or climbing giant mountains are normal things. What we usually are trucks taking on mountain sides and then shortly after tumbling down. To our surprise this GMC truck actually had the balls to make it all the way up the mountain… Now coming back down […]

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