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fast load

Fishing Boat Comes in a Little Hot…

We’ve heard that Alaska has some pretty badass fisherman and obviously from the TV show Deadliest Catch, you can see these guys are no joke. That’s why when you see one load his fishing boat on the trailer, it’s no big deal. Although we would like to give his or her some major credit on […]

back up camera

What Do You Think of Ford’s New Backup Camera?

Ford is know for coming out with some pretty cool thing. Their new feature is a 5 camera back up assist. Now this can help you when you’re trying to park a trailer in a tight spot or when you’re backing your boat into the water. You could also be a pro and not pay […]


202 mph 2016 Hennessey Camaro is One Badass Car…

When does fast become too fast? That’s the question this video throws up in the air. The brand new 2016 Hennessey Camaro is one fast ass car. Reaching speeds over 200mph is a huge feat for any car company. We can only imagine the thrill of the driver as he or she reaches maxed out […]

semi vs truck

Dually Goes Head to Head in Tug of War Battle With ...

There have been a lot of really cool tug of war videos out there, but once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Until you watch this little number. This cherry red Dually has some balls of steal as it goes up against a Semi… That just sounds epic. Now the twist here is you […]

sinking truck

The Mud Hole From Hell… Redneck Paychecks Do ...

The last thing you want to happen when you have a pricey truck is for it to be filled and ruined with water. What’s worse then that is when it becomes filled with mud and sinks into a giant hole. It’s enough to ruin anyone’s day, that’s unless your a rich red neck and have […]

track truck

Is This Thing Street Legal… He May Be Over D ...

Mudding is always a fun time to share with friends, family and of course the chicks. When you go mudding you usually have a lifted truck with crazy tires on it so that you can fling the most amount of mud into the air. The question here is when is enough enough? Fitting this 6ft […]

hover board

Could This be The First Real Hoverboard?

Ever sense the iconic movie Back To The Future came out the biggest thing besides flying cars was the hover board. If you surf the internet at all or watch Youtube you have seen some sort of hoverboard. Now these have all been failed attempts to crate exactly what the movie showed. What we have […]

smart car

This is What a Real Smart Car Looks Like….

When it comes to smart cars everybody knows how crappy these little things are. With just a small fender bender your life is pretty much over. The real question is why would anyone buy these things, but if you do happen to get one this is by far the best way to modify it. Take […]


Exactly How is a Turbo Made?

Ever wonder just how Turbos chargers where made? When an engine is installed with a turbo on it it increases the output of energy and power by forcing compressed air into the combustion chamber. This gives a extra power without consuming more fuel. The process in which these are made is quite fascinating. Creating a […]


Red Bull Introduces 8 Forms of Flight All at Once& ...

A sport that is commonly overlooked would have to be the Extreme sport of flight. And no one does it better then Red Bull when it come to aviation tricks. To show that off they introduced 8 forms of light all coordinated perfectly at the same time. Who knows how long this took to plan […]

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